CHOREGIA 6 (2): 51-62, 2010 Full text (PDF file)

Developing Moral Sport Policies ThroughAct-Utilitarianism Based on Bentham's Hedonic Calculus



(Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies & Physical Education,

The College at Brockport, State University of New York)


Moral policy can be developed and maintained in sport organizations through an approach that incorporates act-util-itarianism (AU) based on Jeremy Bentham's hedonic calculus (HC). Sport managers' effective application of AU basedon HC takes on the form of a holistic approach to moral policy development and maintenance and requires an under-standing of the parts and process of a strict adherence to AU based on HC. The traits of common sense, habits, and past experience are supported by the utilitarian views held by Bentham and Mill to accurately predict happiness and un-happiness that result from actions (Beauchamp, 1982) and are also necessary to drive a holistic approach of AU based on HC that develops and maintains moral policy in sport organizations.

Key Words: Ethics, Sport Governance, Utilitarianism.

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